bespoke database

Bespoke Database Design

Bespoke database systems can save you time and money, delivering the control that you need to manage your business successfully.
Bespoke systems are required by many businesses as off-the-shelf software packages often fail to meet the needs, and future expansion of growing businesses.

We can develop a database to meet your exact needs, whether it is a small contact management project or a large-scale sales/inventory system.


With many years experience developing databases in both MS Access and SQL server for the financial, education and entertainment sectors, as well as work for charitable organisations, we have the skills to match your project.

Reduced Cost

We have developed core resources and a code base that allows us to develop systems quickly and efficiently, passing the cost saving on to you through a minimal development period.

For a breakdown of costs please see our database design costs page.

Do I need a Database?

Most small businesses will at some point require a database, whether for customer management, stock control, sales/invoicing, or any service involving the storing of data.

A database management system will allow you to store your data so that multiple users can access it simultaneously. Data can be organised and searched quickly, and any number of standard letters and reports can be accessed at the click of a button.

A Microsoft Access based system will easily allow automation with other office packages such as word and excel to enhance the reporting features available to you.