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Database Development Process

The development process begins from our initial meeting, after discussing your needs we can give you a rough costing of a solution. If you are happy with the initial costing we will spend more time with you getting detailed system requirements, helping you identify new requirements, and demonstrating some of the features you may need.

Following a detailed requirements analysis, we will give you a fixed price and timescale for those requirements.

If you choose Walk IT as your system provider, we shall begin work on your systems starting with the database design. The database design is the foundation to your system; by creating a solid design we lay the foundation for your system to built on. We take account of any potential future expansion, and ensure the design is capable of meeting your needs as your business grows in the future.

We will then develop the user interface that will be the Front End to your system (see examples on the right). We ensure all our systems are intuitive to use and pleasant to look at. We provide commonality between all forms so that users do not get confused, and keep everything within easy reach, and only a few button clicks away.

Depending on the size of the system you will receive one or more prototypes of the system, so you can keep track of progress, and test each prototype to ensure it meets your needs and is bug-free.

Towards completion of the project you will receive a 'beta' release of the software for you to thoroughly test. After fixing any problems and adding any extra functionality you may require, you will then receive your final system.

Example Screens

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