Data recovery

data recovery

You can have your important data recovered by professionals for 45 - No Fix, No Fee!

Data recovery is often possible on failed hard drives, allowing you to retrieve your important work, your family photos, and your emails, when you thought they were lost forever.

Our Process

We will come to you, collect* your drive and try to assess the type of failure your hard drive has undergone. We will consult with you as to what you want us to provide.
In the first instance we will always try to retrieve the important data that you specify. If your drives have undergone data corruption it may also be possible for us to repair the corruption and bring your hard drive back to full operation.

To recover your data we run intensive disk analysis and data recovery software that scans and attempts to repair the entire surface of the disk.

If possible we will then access the data you have requested and copy it on to suitable media (CD/DVD) and return that data to you along with your hard drive.

* We will collect in the Leeds area only.

Useful Tips

  • Around 85% of hard drive problems can be recovered through software techniques, the remaining 15% can sometimes be recovered through hardware replacements.
  • If you are hearing repetitive clicking noises from your drive, it may be a sign of imminent failure. Back up your important data now!
  • Heat is your enemy! For the most reliable operation of your hardware (hard drives, memory, processors and mainboard) ensure that your system is running at a reasonable temperature. You can add additional cooling fans, and ensure your system is in as dust free environment as possible. (Do not sit your computer directly on a carpet!)
  • You can help to ensure good health of your drives by occasionally running scandisk on your windows XP computer.
  • If you're having problems where sometimes you can boot up and sometimes you get boot problems you should prioritise your backups, copy your most important files first!
  • Generally you will have only a limited number of times you can access your data before permanent failure occurs.

Hard Drive Failure

There are four main types of hard disk failure

Firmware Corruption - Firmware is the software that controls the hard drive and is embedded into the hardware of the drive. The drive will typically spin-up but will either not be recognised by your computer, or will crash during boot-up.

Electronic Failure - Usually due to a power surge, electronic failures occur within the sensitive electronic parts of a drive. The drive will not spin up, and will not be detected by your computer.

Mechanical failure - Hard drives have moving parts, and like all mechanics, can break. Mechanical problems are often identified by clicking or grinding noises, sometimes this can be used as an early warning system - Back up your data now!

Logical Corruption - Sometimes the easiest of problems to fix, logical errors are problems with the information stored on your drive, there is nothing physically wrong, but you may not be able to load your operating system, or you may be having recurring blue screen of death (windows).