bespoke database

Database Design Costs

All database systems are priced on a per-project basis after an initial meeting we will be able to determine the size of your system and give you an initial costing. We can then spend the time necessary to gather your full system requirements, before providing you with a full quote.
To learn more about our development process please see our database development process page.

Small Systems

We define small systems, as those typically used by less than 5 users, and/or having only a few data entry screens, with only a few reports set up.

Typical uses for small systems may include; a simple contact management system, a quotations system or a support ticket system.

These systems are usually developed using Microsoft Access, which most small businesses will already own (though individual licenses can be purchased) this leads to a low development cost, as there is no need for specialised servers or software.

Prices for small systems start around 1,200

Medium Systems

Medium Systems are typically used by 5-25 people. Some or all of those will require concurrent access.

Multiple forms will be used with interlinked data, real-time statistics, multiple reports, standard letters and integration with other office applications such as Word and Excel.

Medium systems can be developed in Microsoft Access, though it is often advised (or requested by the user) to develop using a more robust and scalable database solution such as Microsoft SQL server. We will develop a front end in either Access or Visual Studio depending on your needs.

Prices for medium systems typically start around 2,000

Large Systems

Large systems go beyond what has been specified above, requiring a dedicated database server, with a custom front-end application.
There are normally additional hardware and software licensing costs involved as well as the database and software development costs.

Prices start from around 15,000 (for systems development)

Payment Process

You will be required to pay a 25% deposit at the start of the project.

50% is due during development, as we deliver one or more prototype systems (depending on the size of the system and the timescale involved). Prototypes require full testing and debugging.

The remaining 25% will be paid on receipt of the final deliverable and will signify your acceptance of the final system, and contract completion.